Two days in Colmar france

Two days in Colmar France

Last updated: August 25, 2020

During our Alsace road trip, we got to spend two days in Colmar France, and it was absolutely magical! Colmar is known for it’s well preserved, medieval old town, and it’s fairytale setting.

Visiting any town in the Alsace region is like walking into a movie set, Colmar is no exception. Every street here is just as beautiful as the next, pure fairytale!

On the blog I will share the top things to do in Colmar France, so you can plan your Alsace road trip through some of the most fairytale villages in France. We spent two days in Colmar France and felt it was the perfect amount of time to truly enjoy the place.

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Two days in Colmar france
Two days in Colmar france

How to get to Colmar France

If you’re planning a trip to Colmar France, the best way to explore the Alsace region is by car. Many of the smaller villages can only be reached by car, and you’ll miss out on some of the most beautiful scenery!

You can easily take the train from Paris to Colmar, making a stop at the Gare de Colmar, which is just a short walk into Colmar’s old town.

If you’re wondering where is Colmar located? the city of Colmar borders Germany and Switzerland, in the eastern part of France, which makes it an easy place to get to from anywhere in the area.

Here is a map of Colmar France to help you navigate your visit to the Alsace region:

Best things to do in Colmar France

Visit the Petite Venise of Colmar

One of Colmars main tourist attraction is a visit to Petite Venise. Petite Venise is one of the most picturesque places in Colmar France, with it’s colorful half-timbered houses.

Known as the Little Venice of France, you can go on a romantic boat ride and explore the canals, while you admire the beautiful architecture around you. 

Petite Venise used to be a market space which housed gardeners, fishmongers, and wine producers. Today, it is one of the most visited places in the Alsace region, and one of the most photographed as well.

Two days in Colmar france
Two days in Colmar france

Visit the Eglise Saint-Martin

On your sightseeing tour of Colmar France, you will come upon the Gothic 13th-century, Eglise Saint-Martin church, located on Place de la Cathédrale.

St. Martin’s church is built on the foundations of a Carolingian and Romanesque style church built around the year 1000. Its red and golden stonework, as well as its colorful tiled roofs gives it such a unique quality. When you plan your Colmar trip, make sure to stop by this church, it is absolutely beautiful.

Place Rapp-Best place in Colmar for kids

After a long day exploring the old town of Colmar, make sure to give the kids some downtime. Place Rapp is the perfect place to spend the day in Colmar with kids.

This park is one of the best places to visit in Colmar France, it features a large square, a carousel and an open space for the kiddos to run free, as well as a giant fountain for them to admire.

If your driving into town and are looking for parking in Colmar France, then Place Rapp is the perfect place, with its garage located just beneath the park.

Two days in Colmar france
Two days in Colmar france
Two days in Colmar france

Visit the Statue of Liberty in Colmar France

One of the most interesting places to visit in Colmar is a visit to the replica of the Statue of Liberty. The replica is located on the outskirts of Colmar, on a roundabout, and was sculpted to commemorate the 100th death anniversary of the sculptor Auguste Batholdi, who was born here.

We have visited the Statue of Liberty in New York City, and it was cool to get to see the twin statue at the home of the sculptor! Such a dream trip, and one that we will cherish forever.

Two days in Colmar france

I hope this Colmar travel guide inspires you to visit the Alsace region. We spent a magical two days in Colmar France, and it was one of the most enchanting cities we’ve seen.

There really is no best time to visit the Alsace Region, it’s absolutely beautiful in any season. But if you’re planning a winter visit, Christmas in Colmar is absolutely magical, especially during their famous Christmas market.

Fun day trips from Colmar France

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